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Dear Patrons,

ATR-ASAHI is in the business of industrial glass products, plants, assemblies and their automation has been supplying world class glass plants and assemblies for the past 15 years to our clients from varied industries such as Pharma, Chemical, Ordnance, Aerospace, Defence and many others. Our glass assemblies are meant to handle very corrosive and very pure media.

Our business is woven around glass, and it connects all the activities that we do. It may be considered as fragile, but we consider it as our strength. We get this strength from the judicious sourcing of glass raw material mostly from Schott Germany. The correct origin of Glass, of required thickness is further crafted into the desired product by our master craftsman who have years of experience in this industry. In process and final quality check ensure that only the world class quality products are rolled out from our plant.

As on today still the glass industry is not automated and largely depends on the skill and craftsmanship of a glass maker.

It is then assembled on a strong support structure which holds the glass assembly in its place.

We ensure a wholesome and fulfilling business experience to our clients by ensuring a team which is client-centric. This team who have long-standing experience in the industry is further retained, nurtured and selected in all the facets of the business such as marketing, project, quality control, production and finance.

Thus it is not a surprise that we continue to receive patronage from our clients for so many many years… uninterrupted. This trust is not merely confined to the correct selection of glass material, the support structure and construction but also about the correct design and correct understanding of the client’s chemical processes and fine tuning of the solution thus offered to tick all the process requirements.

We besides our regular business also introduce from time to time new products and services and at present are pleased to introduce ATR ASAHI teaching aids, a learning enabler for the chemical engineering students.

Hence we would like our clients to consider ATR-ASAHI as the glass enabled process solution provider instead of merely a supplier of glass products.

We hope to receive your continued patronage for many many years to come.