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SIC Tubeheat Exchangers

Silicon Carbide (SIC) Tubeheat Exchangers

Silicon Carbide shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are used for High Corrosive and or High purity applications. Silicon Carbide is a material of construction with excellent corrosion and temperature resistance properties. In this application SiC can operate with the temperature difference of 200 deg C between shell side and tube side. The Heat exchange area normally ranges from 0.2 M2 to 25 M2.

The function of such heat exchanger is heating, cooling condensation. The Silicon Carbide Shell and Tube Heat exchangers are used when Graphite heat exchangers reach their limit. Silicon Carbide tubes provide excellent corrosion resistance for all high demanding applications.

These exchangers have superb heat transfer efficiency thanks to Silicon Carbide are about 70% compact vis-à-vis glass equipment (lesser heat exchange area required for the same heat transfer). The maintenance cost is low due to easy removal of headers for direct access required for cleaning or inspection on the tube side.

There is no risk of contamination/interaction of process media e.g. application required for semiconductor or pharmaceuticals including GMP or FDA applications.

Silicon Carbide (SIC) Tubeheat Exchangers