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Bench Top Reactors


Bench Top Reactors

As the name suggest, bench top reactors are very small glass reactors that are mounted on the bench top or table top. These reactors can be single stand alone reactors or can also have interchangeable set up.

Product Specifications

Vessel Capacity 250 mL to 5L
Temperature range (-) 90 deg c to 200 deg c
Vessel type Single ( Double wall) and Double (Triple wall) Jacket
Operating Pressure Range Full vacuum to 0. 5 bar (g)
Interchangeable Pan Yes
Interchangeable Stirrer Yes
Delta T (Double wall reactor) 110 deg c
Delta T (Triple wall reactor) 60 deg c
Reactor bottom pan
Jacket inlet and outlet connection size Glass nozzle with SS connector
Glass top cover nozzle orientation N1: Agitator; N2:Temperature probe holder; N3:Stopper for hand holder;N4:Condenser; N5:Dropping funnel
Reactor and lid connection Quick release clamp. FEP encapsulated “O” ring
Drive Stirrer, Flexible Stirrer shaft coupling (Bola), Seal Magnetic-SS / Hastelloy,

PTFE Stirrer guide (imported)

FLP/NFLP motor, with VFD /without VFD

Stirrer (MoC) SS PTFE lined / Hastelloy/SS/Glass
Stirrer (type) Anchor, Propeller, CBRT, Hydrofoil
Pressure Safety Valve Optional , 0.5 bar
Temperature sensor Direct contact type PTFE temperature sensor with Lemo connector along with adjustable height arrangement.
Other accessories Specially designed vapour condenser cum reflux divider.
Graduated addition funnel
Receiver flask
Support structure Specially designed for stirrer interchange arrangement

Bench Top Reactors

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