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Our Technical Partner


Technical Collaboration Of ATR-ASAHI With Studio Tecnico Ambrosi, Italy


Technical Partner

ATR-ASAHI entered into a technical collaboration with Studio Tecnico Ambrosi in 2013. Up to now, Studio Tecnico Ambrosi has worked with ATR-ASAHI on various projects of Acid purification and recovery related to the production of energetic materials. In the public sector, particularly for the Ministry of Defence, ATR-ASAHI and Studio Tecnico Ambrosi have successfully commissioned an integrated NAC-SAC plant with capacities of 10 TPD 99% nitric acid and 25 TPD 96% sulphuric acid, at Ordnance Factory Nalanda, Bihar, which involved detailed material balances, and energy optimization as well.

Studio Tecnico Ambrosi, which is owned and directed by Dr. Luigi Ambrosi, has been providing technical consulting services worldwide, since 1999, in the following areas: Energetic Material production, Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment, HAZOP studies, NAC-SAC plant technology, Reprocessing of spent mixed acid, NOx abatement with nitric acid recovery, Nitric & Sulfuric acid concentration, Solvent recovery, Simulation and Optimization of Industrial Processes.

Dr. Luigi Ambrosi, owner and Chief Consultant of Studio Tecnico Ambrosi, is a registered professional chemist with more than 20 years’ experience in the Industrial Waste Management & Recycling.

The most significant projects in which Dr. Ambrosi was involved as a consultant, during the last two decades, were the following ones:

  • HAZOP study leader, commissioning and post-commissioning assistance for a NAC-SAC plant where spent mixed acids were reprocessed(Israel).
  • HAZOP study leader for revamping of NOx abatement plant (Israel).
  • HAZOP study leader and revamping of a fine chemical plant for production and re-crystallization of the intermediate product to suitable crystal shape and bulk density (Greece).
  • Recovery of acetone from waste acetone-water solutions (Greece).
  • HAZOP study leader for a multi-purpose batch plant (Germany).
  • Revamping with energy optimization cycle for a hexamethylenetetramine production unit (Italy).
  • HAZOP meeting participation as an expert for mixed spent acid stabilization plant with nitric acid recovery from nitro-esters production (USA).
  • HAZOP meeting participation as an expert for mixed spent acid stabilization plant with nitric acid recovery, commissioning and post-commissioning assistance (USA).
  • Detailed material balance and energy optimization for a new NAC-SAC plant (India) and other similar plants planned in Asia and South Africa as well.
  • Feasibility study for recovery of spent acid from PETN production (USA).
  • Feasibility study for combined mixed acid recovery, including spent acid from 2-EHN production (USA).
  • Integrated process for closed-loop purification and recovery of industrial waste water (Italy).

    Contact Details:

    Via S. Domenico Savio, 31 IT-25086 REZZATO (BS) – ITALY
    Italian headquarters tel. : +39 030 259 0781
    U.S. branch office tel. :+1 540 315 3957
    e-mail : stamail.it@gmail.com
    Skype address: ambrosi.luigi