Design Supply of Glass Pilot Process Plants

Design Supply of Glass Pilot Process Plants


  • Lab, Kilo and Pilot Scale Glass products designing and development.
  • Process Engineering (Bromination, Chlorination, Acid Concentration etc).
  • After Sales service of Kilo lab and Pilot plants (with Spares).

Design & Supply of Lab products, Kilo labs & Glass Pilot & Process Plants.

ATR ASAHI is committed to provide its services to its customers. Our most experienced on-site and off-site personals and advanced technology in process engineering, design, detailed engineering assist us in providing the following off-site and on-site services to you:-


  • Selective Process Plants with guarantees-process engineering, design and detailed engineering.
  • Process engineering, design, drawing and drafting using AUTOCAD facilities of Glass plants, Engineered Systems and also offering Process solutions.
  • Newer glass assemblies, customized as per client specifications for R&D- design, engineering and development.


  • Erection, installation and commissioning of Glass plants and Glass assemblies at site
  • Solving the process challenges faced by the client relating to process plants supplied by us.
  • After plant commissioning, running the operations of glass production plants at client site on monthly charge.

Glass being a fragile item requires special care and special team for erection, installation, commissioning and after sales service. We understand our duty and responsibility of not only supplying the Glass items but also timely and careful installation and commissioning at the client’s site.

Design Supply of Glass Pilot Process Plants

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