Triple Wall Glass Reactor With Ring Baffle & Without Ring Baffle

Triple Wall Glass Reactor With Ring Baffle & Without Ring Baffle

Glass Reactors

The Glass reactors as they are referred to are made of solid glass which makes them convenient to be seen from outside for reaction taking place inside. The Glass reactors can be of single jacket (double wall) or double jacket (triple wall) reactors. The Glass reactors are identified at the bench top/lab scale, kilo and pilot scale.

Special Features

Minimum Dead Space At Bottom

All reactors are designed without dead space to ensure complete drainage.
They are equipped with cocks spring loaded to guarantee a leak free seal over the entire temperature range at all times. The design complies with GMP standards.

Heat Transfer Efficiency

AG! Triple Wall reactors are fitted with a vacuum jacket and Glass Ring baffles. The vacuum jacket virtually eliminates all heat losses to the atmosphere allowing the process to be monitored without frost formation on the jacket for the operations below the freeing point. The jacket is extended over the service nozzle. The Glass Ring Baffles force the heat transfer fluid to circulate evenly throughout the jacket and to promote turbulent flow for efficient heat transfer. The jacket temperature must be precisely controlled in order to control the process temperature.

Easy Scale Up

All Triple Wall reactors are designed to keep Height (H)/ID (W) ratio within 1 to 1.5 for structural security, performance and easy scale up.

Variety of Vessel Options

Triple Wall with Ring Baffle, Triple Wall, Double Wall with ring baffle, Double Wall. From 10L to 100L (Triple wall with ring baffles), 100L (Double wall with ring baffles), 300L (Double wall, custom made).

Accurate Temperature Control

Glass ring baffles distribute heat transfer fluid evenly throughout the jacket, promising precise temperature control and allowing temperature control units to operate at maximum efficiency with fast heating/cooling response.

Triple Wall Glass Reactor

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