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    A. Acid Concentration Plants
    Nitric Acid Concentration PlantsSulphuric Acid Concentration PlantsIntegrated NAC/SAC plantsNox Absorption with Nitric Acid Recovery PlantsDeNitration PlantsWaste Acid Generated from the Production of Energetic Materials (Explosives)

    B. Process Plants With Guarantees
    Gas Absorption plant-HCL, SO2, Cl2, HBrAnhydrous HCl Gas Generation PlantBromine Production from BitternsBromine Recovery from NaBr SolutionProduction of Sodium Hypochlorite

    C. Engineered Systems And Plants
    ReactionDistillationEvaporationExtractionAbsorptionVenturi ScrubberCrystallizations

    D. Pre-Engineered Systems
    Pilot PlantsKilo Labs (including solid handling systems)

    E. Heating/Cooling Machines

    F. Glass Heat Exchangers
    Glass Shell and Tube Heat ExchangersSIC tubeheat ExchangersSpecial design High Pressure Heat ExchangersGlass Coil Condenser/Heat exchangerTantalum Heat exchangerTantalum Bayonet Heat Exchanger

    G. Evaporator
    Molecular Distillation SystemShort path DistillationThin Film EvaporatorRotary EvaporatorThermo Syphon Evaporators

    H. Glass Nutsche Filter

    I. Glass Reactors
    Triple Wall Glass Reactor with ring baffle & Without Ring BaffleDouble Wall Glass Reactors with ring baffle & Without Ring Baffle

    J. Glass Process Equipments Pipelines & Valves
    Glass Venturi Scrubbers and Jet EjectorsProcess Plant PipelinesGlass ValvesPlastic Flanges

    K. Pumps
    Peristaltic (Dosing) pump and systems

    L. Custom Solutions
    Photo chlorinatorsPeptide synthesisers

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