The TCU (Temperature Control Units) are required both at industrial and laboratory scale for Heating and cooling or individually heating or cooling. The heating and cooling machines are normally required for:-

  • Reactor distillation systems.
  • Autoclaves.
  • Mini Plant Systems.
  • Scale up for operational development.
  • Flow reactors.
  • Plant scale reactors.
  • Semiconductor industry.

Normally these machines have following characteristics:-

  • Having working temperatures from (-) 120 deg c to (+) 350 deg c.
  • Offer maximum process stability and reproducibility.
  • Have a cooling power from 0.5 KW to 1200 KW.
  • The heating or cooling is carried out by a single colour less fluid.
  • Offer large temperature range without fluid change.
  • Have closed loop system of heat transfer fluid, which enhances lifetime.
  • Are compact machines.
  • Have 7 inch or 10 inch color TFT screen display/HMI.
  • Comprehensive warning and safety functions.
  • Rapid cooling down from high temperature (from 300 deg c).
  • Use magnetic drive pump, hence leak proof.
  • Comes with the options of jacket temperature control and process temperature control.

ATR supplies both industrial and laboratory TCU’s. All the machines are individually tested for performance before they are shipped to customers. The machines are again tested at the client’s end/facility as a part of the commissioning activities. The machines are supplied with connecting hoses and adopter flanges. If required single fluid bypass arrangement is also provided (if the pressure limitation for the connecting equipment is a concern).

Laboratory Scale

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