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Promising Product Profile

Bench Top Reactor with Interchangeable Bottom Pan

We supply bench top reactors with interchangeable bottom pan. The bench top reactors as the name suggest have very small foot print area and can easily be mounted as a table top assembly. Since this is a small reaction set up it is possible to have multiple interchangeable bottom pan for the common setup. The interchangeable pans can range from 500mL, 1L, 2L, 3L & 5L. This helps to select the suitable bottom pan as per the reaction requirements so as to optimize on minimum stirrable volume and minimum sensing volume. Some of the setups may have common stirrers. The bench top reactor set up has reactor bottom pan, overhead stirrer motor, condenser, agitator, RTD. We can choose from the selection of agitators- PBT, anchor, hydrofoil etc.

Liquid Extractor (RDC type)

After the reaction process is over, we sometimes require to work up processes to remove/separate out the solute from solvent. This can be achieved through a Liquid extractor when the 2 solvents are immiscible. The liquid extractor has a light phase and heavy phase going counter current. The light phase is introduced from the bottom of the extractor. The heavy phase is introduced from the top. A set of rotating discs are there at the various levels of the extractor. These discs are being rotated by a motor. The extraction thus takes place with the assistance of the rotating disc. The light phase extracts the product (solute) from the heavy phase solvent to the other solvent (light phase). The Liquid extractor Rotating Disc type (RDC) has a column height of about 1 meter and a number of discs ranging between 15 to 20 as per the requirement of the client. For the optimal performance of the extractor, it is required that the gap between the disc and the extractor wall is minimal. In order to facilitate the visible process, the extractor is made of glass. The discs are SS, PTFE lined.


Peptide Synthesizers

We make customizable Peptide Synthesizers as per the client requirements.

Thin Film Evaporator Heat Exchangers

With thin film distillation we can achieve greater reduction in the boing temperature by decreasing the operating pressure. This allows thermal separation of products that would be destroyed by conventional vacuum distillation because of necessary high temperature and long residence time.

In a Thin film evaporator the raw material is heated on the internal surface of a heated tube until lower boiling component starts to evaporate. These vapours are then liquefied on the cold tubes of a condenser. In simple thin film evaporator design the condenser is located outside but as close to the evaporator as possible.

In short path evaporator the condenser is located inside the evaporator body. Due to the different design details, short path evaporators can be used down to 0.001mBar as compared to the conventional thin film evaporators which can be used down to approximately 1 mbar. Residence time in Thin film and Short path evaporators is only few seconds.