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Peptide Synthesisers from ATR ASAHI !!!!

Peptide Synthesisers from ATR ASAHI !!!!

Peptide Synthesisers from ATR ASAHI !!!!

Peptide Synthesisers

ATR ASAHI has got the opportunity to work with some of the leading Pharma majors of India to cater to their requirements and develop peptide synthesizers ( lab and pilot scale) for them. Peptide synthesizers are mostly tailor-made equipment that is required to be designed, drawn, manufactured, tested, and supplied as per the process requirements of the clients.  Initially, the clients may have a very sketchy idea of what they exactly want, which needs to be evolved and firmed up gradually after series of discussions and back and forth communications. The discussion is basically in terms of how the ordered set up can fulfill all their experimental requirements.

The Product Manufacture

As mentioned above, something which begins as a rough idea is firmed up after series of iterations and the schematic drawing is prepared and agreed with the client to proceed further. Based on the drawing the dimensions of the individual components are frozen along with the material of construction. The major components include the glass reactor, the feed and receiver vessels, the interconnecting piping, the solvent and reagent feed pumps, tubing’s, pneumatic valves, the support structure, as well as the control and automation arrangement. The entire arrangement needs to be supported on the suitable structure besides providing the suitable enclosure. The remote control, monitoring and operation of the Peptide Synthesiser set up is possible.

Testing and FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

The set up testing and its acceptance is an important part of the Peptide synthesiser. The client visits are arranged after the entire set up is ready and installed for client inspection. All the characteristics required and conceived during the design stage are again checked and ticked at the time of FAT. If certain further modifications are required then the same are noted , agreed and carried out before the equipment is shipped to the client.


The safety of the entire set up, at the time of testing and inspection and also once installed at the client’s facility is of paramount importance, since the synthesiser may involve use of hazardous flammable solvents and reagents. The entire set up is thus designed and manufactured to be qualified for safe area operation.

Uninstall, Drain, Pack and Despatch

In this leg the entire set up installed for the client FAT is uninstalled, drained, cleaned by pneumatic air and packed for despatch.

Erection, installation, testing and product trial (client site)

This is the final stage where the supplied material is erected, installed and product trials are carried (every requirement is a part of the contract) out at the clients site. This ensures that the Peptide assembly meets and fulfils all the requirements and aspirations of the client.

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