Our Collaborator Partner - ATR ASAHI Process System (P) Ltd

Our Collaborator Partner

ASAHI Glassplant Inc. JAPAN

ASAHI Glassplant Inc. Japan (henceforth AG! for the sake of brevity) is ATR’s equity partner and collaborator since 2008, that is how our company got name as ATR-ASAHI. Besides its investment in our company, ATR is marketing , installing and servicing AG! glass assemblies in India. In short all the AG! glass assemblies in bench, pilot and industrial scale are available in India through us. We have received the patronage of AG! for the past so many years and we have supplied and serviced many AG! products for the Indian clients.

To know more about AG! you can access AG! website at www.asahiglassplant.com.. Some of the AG! assemblies are also available in our ATR lab. Some of the AG! reactors installed in India are :-

Some of the AG! reactors installed in India are :-

1. 2L TW AG! reactor, Chandigarh.

2. 3L TW AG! reactor, Vizag.

3.  5L TW AG! reactor, Vizag.

4. 50L TW AG! reactor, Bangalore.

5. 60L TW AG! reactor, Vizag

6. 50L TW AG! reactor, Vizag.

7. 50L TW AG! reactor Pune.

8. 15L, 30L,60L  AG! reactor Mohali.

Many more AG! reactors are under installation /likely to be installed in near future.