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Inventor’s Lab

Inventor's Lab

Many a times researchers want to conduct a particular experiment, but find it difficult to perform it within their lab due to the non-availability of suitable lab glass equipment. This becomes even more difficult if the researchers do not have any visibility (to offer to their management) to use the lab equipment beyond 1 or 2 trials to justify the large capexes.

ATR ASAHI is hence coming up with a state of the art lab, for allowing the researchers to use and feel the equipment for themselves in our lab, and conduct the trials at a fraction of the cost of acquisition.

If only 1 are 2 trials are required to be conducted, or if the equipment trial is required to be conducted before deciding on the purchase of the equipment then the trials can be conducted at the outsource lab as ours, and if the trials/experiments are successful then the researchers can suitably recommend the purchase of the equipment to their management.

The ATR ASAHI lab will be equipped with the equipment and the utilities like vacuum pump, heating cooling machines for API related research but the other areas research can also be conducted if the required equipment is available (kindly ask for the list of lab equipment).

The equipment similar to the one available in the lab can be purchased from ATR ASAHI.