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Double Wall Glass Reactor with Ring Baffle and without Ring Baffle

ATR Asahi has over 2 decades of experience in making Bench Top and Pilot-Plant Glass Reactors. Made out of Borosilicate Glass 3.3 & Quartz glass which is meant to withstand wide temperature range from -110 to 230 deg centigrade, and pressure from vacuum to atmospheric, the AG! Reactors are known for their ease of operation, easy customization and superior process performance. These Bench Top and Pilot Plant reactors are single and double jacketed (double and triple walled), with and without ring baffle.

AG! –The only Reactor with Glass Ring Baffles

Double Wall with Ring Baffle

Double Wall without Ring Baffle

The double wall jacket reactor comes with and without Ring baffle.

In the world, only Asahi AG! Has the ring baffle technology. The glass ring baffles distribute heat transfer fluid evenly throughout the jacket, promoting precise temperature control allowing temperature control units to operate at maximum efficiency with fast heating/cooling response. Only AG! Offers this advanced design for all our glass reactors.

The Basic Difference between Double Wall Reactor & Triple Wall Reactor

Double Wall Glass Reactor Triple Wall Glass Reactor
1 No Vacuum Jacket Vacuum Jacket or Vacuum Insulation is there
2 Extra Insulation Required reducing the heat loss and eliminating the visibility.

No requirement of extra insulation as already has vacuum insulation to the  reactor

3 ∆T = 110-degree Centigrade ∆T = 60-degree Centigrade
4 Time consuming to achive process Temprature almost 30 min. more time requires setting time then triple wall Reactor. Less time to  achieve process Temperature
5 Not used for Sub Zero Reaction Ideally used for Sub Zero Reaction

Less Time and more productivity

Faster and more uniform temperature control will lead to improved productivity with shorter process time and higher yield per batch, accelerating the progress and reducing the costs in many aspects of your research.

Fastest and Best Temperature Control with Integrated Glass Ring Baffles.

Wide Temperature Range

Visibility For Sub-Zero reaction

30L Double Wall Reactor-

30L Triple Wall Reactor with Ring Baffle

Uniformity of Heat Transfer

Typical Reactor

ATR Asahi Double wall Reactor with Ring Baffles

Compact Design

Maximum space required for the installation of Bench top reactor is 380 X 410 mm floor space and 1200 mm height.

Leak-proof Flush Valve

All reactors are equipped with flush valves spring load to ensure a leak free seal over the entire temperature range at all times. The design compiles with GMP

Resource Saving

Ring Baffles in a double wall jacketed reactor can save 40% of time

Rigid Inlet/Outlet

For Double Wall Reactor

For Triple Wall Reactor

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