Transparent Processes Enabled! Choose Your Glass Wisely.

(Don't get out on the winning ball in the game of cricket.)

You are attending a party and are about to pick the drink of your choice - Champagne, wine, beer, or any other drink. You make a pick and are about to take your first sip. What happens if the Glass suddenly breaks… spilling on you and spoiling your dress, mood and ultimately the evening. Lastly you loose your drink as well.

Bl…dy Hell. And you start thinking alas may be you/your host may have chosen glass wisely.

What happens if your Glass is not holding a small portion of your beverage but a big portion-several litres of your precious chemical? And what if Glass is holding the final product? As your Glass crosses stage after stage with the content from raw to the finish stage, the stakes go even higher and higher!!!!!!!!!. It's like getting out on the winning ball in the game of cricket!!!!!!

Would you like to report the news of Glass breakage to the management????

When you decide the Glass next time be it for the drink or for handling chemicals …. will you be wiser?

The Glass is not merely for toast and taste… it may also be for various industrial purposes like handling highly pure and or highly corrosive media, which can be very challenging some times.

You may like to maintain the highest purity level of your product and avoid contamination at any cost to avoid losing your product batch. Keeping the plant and machinery safe from corrosion can be the other part of the challenge. How do you handle purity and corrosion at a time?? You use Glass.

The industrial glass plants offer high operational reliability and very low maintenance cost. The modular designs of the glass plant provide constructional flexibility to adapt to frequent changes in the plant responding to the process changes.

Just merely having Glass is not enough. We use borosilicate 3.3 Glass straight from the inventor Schott Germany. We provide Glass with the uniform wall thickness to ensure uniform thermal gradient across the wall thus avoiding thermal shocks, the main reason behind the Glass breakages. We provide construction with ball and socket joint which is more leak proof compared to the flat joints. This further helps us to avoid use of bellows, the construction of which results in hold up material at the bellow joints. This carried over hold up material results in the impurity and contamination in the next batch taken in the reactor.

Our all Glass designs are GMP qualified…one of the pharma requirements.

The right process technology with the right glass design with the right manufacturing will ultimately make your product right and it cannot go wrong at the last minute when the stakes are highest.

Hence it is well said… Choose and Use your Glass Wisely.